Our new-generation energy-saving dyeing plant

Our advanced dyeing plant is one of our key points of excellence, covering the entire Group’s production and also available for work on contract.

Dyeing on cones takes place in the plant in Magnonevolo (Biella), which was profoundly renewed in 2018 with the goal of opening an ecological dyeing plant, and is now one of Italy’s most advanced dyeing plants in terms of technologies (using OBEM machinery), range of processes, and focus on sustainability.

Drawing on Filidea’s know-how and experience in technical fibres, our dyeing plant can colour any kind of natural, artificial or synthetic fibre, not only for use in fashion but for technical applications such as safety clothing and work apparel.

We specialise in dyeing of aramid fibres, whose high resistance to fire and heat makes them perfect for fire-fighters and workers on oil rigs. Until only a few years ago, these fibres were considered impossible to dye.

Our dyeing plant is OEKO TEX Class I certified.

Dyeing on cones cuts energy consumption

Our dyeing plant complies strictly with EU regulations regarding the use, treatment and release of water in dyeing processes. Our in-house standards are stricter than those required under current legislation for many values, because the Marchi & Fildi Group has identified production without harming the earth, people or natural resources as its top priority for innovation and investment.

To quantify the energy savings and reduction of the environmental impact of its dyeing processes, in 2020 the dyeing plant was subjected to an LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) study conducted by ICEA – Italy’s Institution for Ethical and Environmental Certification.

The study measured the savings obtained when dyeing a typical yarn on cones (a cotton blend with noble fibres) characterising more than 50% of the dyeing plant’s production, a product considered high cost and high environmental impact because of its high consumption of water and energy resources, whether renewable or not.

The analysis compared the consumption of a conventional dyeing plant with an average age of 20 years to the new Marchi & Fildi plant, which reduces energy and water requirements thanks to:

  • New-generation technologies
  • Formulas using chemicals and colourants which have been tested for their ability to reduce energy consumption

The figures on our dyeing plant’s energy savings revealed by the LCA study

Our rigorous water treatment system

Our water treatment system is located behind our plant in Magnonevolo. The water treatment method we use meets legal requirements for release of wastewater from the dyeing plant into surface water bodies. Every year the water is subjected to ZDHC audits to check its compliance with the regulations, in line with our constant commitment to the environment.

Recent technological acquisitions

We recently invested in implementation of additional machinery for improvement of our production performance and our employees’ working environment.

The color study process in the new laboratory has been completely automated, thanks to the implementation of the latest generation machinery. The same guarantees a very high level of efficiency and precision in the results of the color tests, allowing the absence of contact with the chemical substances by the operator.

At the beginning of 2022 we completed preparation of a new system for automatic dosing of liquids even while production is underway, with the same goal of safeguarding workers’ health.