Marchi & Fildi: Italian yarns for knitting and weaving

The Marchi & Fildi brand sells yarns for flat knitting, circular knitting and weaving, made from natural and man-made fibres, both pure or blended.

The company’s range is constantly renewed with seasonal collections interpreting the trends and demands of the market, while maintaining the brand’s identity.

Yarns are made in Italy in a production process that reduces environmental impact through sustainable technological innovation.

Marchi & Fildi’s collections include a selection of yarns produced using the Group’s ECOTEC® technology, which brings new life to pre- and post-consumer waste textiles to make yarns blended with recycled and recyclable fibres.

Marchi & Fildi yarns reflect the elegance and taste for which Italy is known all over the world, offering high levels of quality resulting from the company’s long tradition in manufacturing and solid know-how.

A Marchi & Fildi yarn is the product of a number of essential factors, including careful selection of raw materials, and the Group’s ability to control all the steps in the supply chain, guaranteeing the traceability of its production cycle.

Constant, rapid creative innovation and in-depth knowledge are combined to study and produce a vast, continually evolving range of yarns.

Vast range of yarns available in stock

The availability of stock service for a variety of Marchi & Fildi and ECOTEC® yarns responds to the need for rapid supplies in the textiles industry.