Filidea Technical Yarns: technical and safety yarns

Filidea Technical Yarns is the Group’s division specialising in the development and production of high-performing technological yarns in blends with natural and man-made fibres.

The division has a strong vocation for innovation, involving a highly specialised team at the R&D department in Magnonevolo (Biella) for development and fine-tuning of individual products.

Like all Filidea products, Filidea Technical Yarns are 9001 and 14001 certified.

Applications of Filidea Technical Yarns


Weaving yarns for use in workwear, guaranteeing comfort, safety, durability and elasticity for garments subject to frequent industrial washing at high temperatures or with additives.

Protective Wear

Our range of protective yarns for use in workwear includes products meeting the principal international standards for protective safety wear.

Cotton blends subjected to fire safety treatments and modacrylic Protex® to delay flame propagation and protect against high temperatures and electical discharge, for use in industrial workwear for oil rigs, electrical power plants, foundries and other situations involving a risk of open flame, incandescent substances or electrical arcs; the range is completed with high tenacity yarns increasing fabrics’ resistance to tearing and abrasion.

Blends of aramid fibres (Metafine®, Metamicro®) and para-aramid (Kermel®) to make protective fire barrier clothing for people who may come into contact with flames: uniforms for police officers, fire-fighters, military corps and racing drivers.


We produce aramid MetaHT® yarns for the automotive industry, which are resistant to high temperatures and used in car engine turbines,

Filidea is a global player of yarn reinforcement in corespun technology for tire cord weft solution.

Industrial sewing threads

Core spun polyester and polyester/cotton blends guaranteeing tenacity and resistance, for sewing garments of various kinds.

Contract Industry

Inherent flame-retardant yarns, polyester and polyester/cotton products for use in furnishings for hotels and workplaces subject to fire safety regulations, such as office chairs, curtains, bedspreads and carpets.

Our know-how treating fibres for technical yarns

Filidea has many years of experience in the converting and use of highly innovative raw materials offering special properties, from flame resistance to the combination of comfort and safety required in the workplace, as well as resistance to frequent washing at high temperatures in industrial laundries.

We are in the vanguard of production and dyeing of inherently flame-retardant and fire-resistant blends, aramid fibres and protex/cotton blends. We can also create antistatic yarns through addition of a special component.

Filidea Technical Yarns participates in the principal technical textiles trade fairs, such as TechTextil in Frankfurt.

Fibres for technical yarns

In the field of technical yarns too, we have established a consolidated network of partnerships with other prominent players in the industry, such as makers of raw materials and technical fibres, to guarantee the utmost focus on the supply chain and on the performance of our yarns, generating added value for the finished product.