Sustainability: the key to our development

Sustainability is an essential value for Marchi & Fildi and Filidea. Our commitment to reducing the environmental impact of yarn production as much as possible is a process that has always determined the Group’s actions and its goals for growth, guiding its Research & Development policy.

Our Code of Ethics reflects this sensibility: “The company not only complies with all current laws and regulations in conducting its business, but meets high ethical standards in its everyday work and asks its employees to comply with these standards, guaranteeing that the principles adopted are constantly applied and behaving in a way that sets an example for employees and associates”.

Our commitment on a number of levels has evolved into an integrated policy aimed at:

  • Adopting the technical measures required to prevent and reduce all forms of pollution
  • Constantly using and monitoring a production process which reduces water and energy consumption and the production of solid and liquid wastes
  • Promoting reclamation and recycling of production scrap and raw materials, rationalising use of natural resources
  • Using energy from renewable sources wherever possible

See our Sustainability Report to learn more.

The cornerstones of sustainable innovation

The driving force behind our company is our orientation toward sustainable innovation, apparent in our products and in all the actions and projects we undertake.

Sustainable innovation is expressed in a number of specific macro-areas:

  • The circular economy: the principal focus of the company’s work and product innovation. We have been aware of the importance of the circular economy right from the start, culminating about 20 years ago in the birth of ECOTEC®, our production process giving new life to pre- and post-consumer textile scraps by using them to make new yarns. ECOTEC® technology is involved in a series of projects shared with partner companies and contributors for launching new high-performing products for specific uses, produced on the basis of the principles of the circular economy.
  • Research into processes and products with a reduced environmental impact: under a series of partnerships with other key players in the textiles industry and the world of research and education, our work in our plants is inspired by constant research into energy-saving manufacturing processes and natural, traceable, certified raw materials that comply with the standards we demand in our products. With a strong focus on the performance of our yarns, to help produce long-lasting, quality items and reduce the significant problem of textile wastes.
  • Use of renewable energy generated on the premises: we have always aimed to rationalise our electricity consumption to contribute to sustainable development without compromising our production and potential for growth.
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  • New-generation reduced environmental impact in-house dyeing plant
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  • Traceability and Certifications: we want the sustainability of our products to be transparent and documented.
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