MFT division: a vast range of cotton and man-made yarns in stock service

The Marchi & Fildi Group’s MFT division proposes a range of cotton yarns made from natural, biodegradable cellulose as well as man-made yarns in a vast selection of yarn counts and compositions, for flat and circular knitting, weaving and home furnishings.

MFT articles are primarily managed through stock service. The product range is constantly updated with a focus on the supply chain and on selection of fibres, meeting strict quality standards. Special and customised yarns can be sourced, drawing on all the production technologies available today, on the basis of the customer’s requests through a direct partnership.

Yarns may be supplied untreated, or dyed in the Marchi & Fildi Group’s new-generation energy-saving dyeing plant.

In harmony with the Group’s values, MFT has obtained the world’s most important sustainability certifications; the company works with authoritative partners in the textiles industry on projects for the distribution of original and processed fibres and yarns.

Precious and nobles

Yarns of natural, cellulose origins, biodegradable and produced using all the currently available spinning technologies with particular focus placed on medium-fine yarns. The blends with precious, natural fibres are enriching the range.


The Viscose lends itself to unusual and sophisticated interpretations, of great topicality as a result of the natural properties of their fibres and their biodegradability.


Yarns realised with cotton ring technology with either elastic or rigid core, for the creation of orthogonal fabrics for
clothing or knitwear.

Man Made and cotton

Base yarns made with artificial and synthetic fibres, pure cottons or blends for specific end uses.

Gleaming: metalloplastic yarns for knitting, weaving and trimming

Gleaming metalloplastic yarns represent an addition to the Marchi & Fildi range of yarns, including metalloplastic yarns for flat and circular knitting, weaving and hosiery, for applications in fashion and furnishings, for fashionable and creative products, fancy yarns and textiles and accessories.

Flat, supported, twisted and gimp yarns available in many colours and metallized effects. lridescent, clear, reflective, phosphorescent yarns, as well as with special technical features of resistance to dyeing and chemical treatments.

The articles in the Gleaming line are primarily available in stock, in a variety of thicknesses, widths and types, featuring metallic, transparent, iridescent, reflective and phosphorescent effects.

The range also includes articles with particular features of resistance to chemical treatments and dyeing, for technical applications in uniforms and workwear, sportswear and accessories, and external tapes and labels.

GRS certification is available for certain products.