Ecotec®, the circular production process for making new yarns out of recycled textile fibres

Ecotec® is an innovative Italian production process developed and patented by the Marchi & Fildi Group.

It is a virtuous example of the circular economy in which pre- and post-consumer textile wastes are used to give new life to natural and artificial fibres, creating new yarns, both pure and blended.

Ecotec® technology can make new yarns from:

  • Pre- and post-consumer textile wastes from knitting and weaving mills or from our own production cycle, pure or blended with virgin or recycled fibres
  • Used clothing and post-consumer materials

Ecotec® technology is versatile, permitting production of colourful, long-lasting, top-quality yarns for use in a variety of sectors: flat and circular knitting, weaving, home furnishings. The process is fully traceable, and both product and process are certified to protect consumers’ health.

One very important aspect of the development of Ecotec® is non-stop innovation, often with partnerships in specific projects. An Ecotec® partner works in close contact with the Marchi & Fildi Group to develop a particular application, a collection, or a fully customised finished product with great added value in terms of real sustainability and reduction of consumption of virgin raw materials. Projects with Ecotec® partners add to the range of successful applications every year.

The figures on resources saved thanks to Ecotec®

Ecotec® began more than 20 years ago, as a pioneering example of a circular production technology.

Today, the know-how acquired by the Marchi & Fildi Group’s Research and Development department ensures that all yarns produced with Ecotec® guarantee top quality standards and reduced environmental impact thanks to a fully certified and traceable production process.

An LCA (life cycle assessment) conducted by ICEA through comparison of production of Ecotec® yarns with production of similar yarns made from virgin raw materials using conventional spinning technologies measured Ecotec®’s reduction of environmental impact:

  • Up to 46.9% less energy consumption
  • Up to 46.6% less CO2 emissions
  • Up to 61.6% less water consumption

* Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) –ECOTEC® recycled cotton yarn