The Group

Marchi & Fildi is a textiles group specialising in the production of yarns for fashion, furnishings and a variety of technical uses, with a long, well-established industrial history in the Biella textiles district.
Marchi & Fildi SpA was formed in 2007 out of the merger of two well-established companies in the Italian textiles industry, Filatura Marchi and Fildi. In 2008 Marchi & Fildi SpA and Abalioglu Tekstil Sanayi AS, owned by CSA Holding of Turkey, founded Filidea, a dynamic company which rapidly rose to international success in the field of high-tech, high-performance textiles combining natural and man-made fibres.
Now that the company’s management is in its third generation and the Group has implemented the most advanced technologies, Marchi & Fildi is a thriving international group based in Biella, with factories in Italy, Turkey and Brazil.

Roots in the Biella textiles district and ability to anticipate the trends

Marchi & Fildi was formed out of the union of two companies from the Biella area: Filatura Fildi, founded in 1965 by Eugenio Dissegna in Verrone (BI), and Filatura Marchi, established in Biella in 1969 by Giovanni Marchi as a traditional carded spinning mill.

Both companies were oriented toward innovation right from the start, allowing them to stand out in an industry subject to cyclical crises and growing global competition. In the ’70s, for example, these two companies were among the first to recognise the importance of adopting the new open-end spinning technology.

A vasty, highly specialised range of yarns for fashion, furnishings and technical applications

The Group focuses on production of yarns from natural and artificial fibres, pure or blended, for use in fashion and furnishings, with the Marchi & Fildi, ECOTEC® and Filidea brands, and for technical applications, under the Filidea Technical Yarns brand. Its production ranges from flat knitting to circular knitting, weaving, hosiery, with specialization in cotton spinning. The Group has also invested in several spinning technologies, ringspun, corespun, compact, sirospun and open end, that can be used according to the final yarn and its features

ECOTEC® technology, developed entirely by Marchi & Fildi, permits production of a range of yarns of various counts reusing pre- and post-consumer textile scraps in the production process, either pure or blended with other virgin and/or recycled fibres, resulting in tangible savings on energy and raw materials.

Filidea Technical Yarns has developed a strong know how and has now a leading position internationally recognized in this field. The yarns of this sector are used for workwear and protective wear, with fireproof and specialized standards, for automotive, for several industrial uses and for the contract sector.

The company is also working on developing customised yarns made to the strictest standards, and offers a trading and dyeing service.

The forward-looking Marchi & Fildi Group

In recent years, the Marchi & Fildi Group has responded to the rapid evolution of the market and customers’ demands with a process of consolidation and proactive adaptation to the new scenarios, applying a number of guidelines:

  • Investment in reducing the environmental impact of production
  • Sustainable product innovation in compliance with certified standards, using natural and/or recycled/recyclable raw materials
  • Partnerships with the world of education and research, facilitating the transmission of know-how to new generations
  • Partnerships with other companies to work on innovation in the textiles industry, with a focus on promoting cross-contamination among different sectors