A quick talk with Alberto Grosso, Marchi & Fildi’s Business Development Manager

He has been working in our Group for years and has covered some crucial roles for the evolution of our offer: he started with sales, to continue with the development of fashion yarns and then of technical ones.

In 2021 he became our Business Development Manager. It deals with making a global analysis of market sizing and product positioning and interpreting the trends of the reference market, with the goal of expanding collaborations with our current customers and finding new ones.

Alberto, your experience in Marchi & Fildi represents well the versatility of the Group’s offer. From fashion yarns, you have moved on to the technical ones and you have developed very innovative products. What are your trump cards on the market?

My training starts right from the product and I think it is important to keep it at the center of our relationship with the customer, explaining for example which raw materials we have selected to make it. In general, I strongly believe in contamination as a formative element and a promoter of innovation. I think that living different experiences, not apparently integrable, can develop lateral thinking, finding the ability to formulate new proposals, new solutions. My current role is to develop new answers, creating a constant communication between the company and the market and vice versa; and I hope that customers perceive this value in our offer.

Is there a particular product or a significant business skill that you have helped to develop?

More than a single product, I believe that one of the greatest goals we have achieved is the ability to manage and integrate different cultures, capturing the best both from a human and a professional point of view. A strong company growth is the result of several complex and fascinating factors. If I look at the path we have taken, I would compare it to an ocean crossing without knowing the route, relying only on our role competences and on human and professional skills.

Do you work in a team? What are the key figures who work with you?

When it comes to products, my interlocutors are the supply chain, R&D, production and quality, precisely in the order in which I have listed them. As for the market, I relate to the sales force and the marketing.

You take care of understanding and interpreting the needs of current and prospect customers to offer them the most suitable products. What are the market trends for the next few years in technical and fashion yarns?

It is a very complex question and I would shift the focus to another aspect. When it comes to the product, in fact, the focus should not be on the product itself, but on the need that it must satisfy. Therefore we must first ask ourselves how needs will change in the future. You have to be a visionary to be able to understand it before the others, and it is a very rare quality. Generally, who works in the B2B segment does not know the precise answer, therefore we have to worry about following more paths, building and engineering transversal products and offers, which can have more uses.

How do you interpret the concept of sustainability, so present in the textile world?

Sustainability is such a broad concept that it must find precise answers to specific needs. It is a very wide topic, as it embraces several aspects. It is above all a cultural theme that starts from preserving the planet’s resources. This in my opinion is the crucial point.