Filati della collezione per maglieria PE 2025 Marchi & Fildi e Filidea


The redefinition of the Marchi & Fildi and Filidea brands and the positioning in the sector of the medium-to high range yarns culminates in a collection characterised by iconic and best seller products, aiming at an increasingly high level of service thanks to the widening of the colour palette and the articles available in stock service.

Filidea fashion yarns: timeless elegance and soft surfaces for natural and biodegradable fibers

However, the distinctive elements of the brand are still to be found: the selection of natural, certified fibres and biodegradable blends, fashion sensibility combined with the performance of the yarns, and the environmental sustainability of the production cycle.
The colours of the preview are summery and luscious, with intense pinks and vitamin oranges.

The pure, GOTS-certified cottons, either in opaque or mercerised versions, explore a wide range of modish and neutral colours including tones and undertones of the same family. Jacques, compact cotton with a soft, caressing hand in two fine and very fine thicknesses, has a refined opaque naturalness and is available in 72 different colours, of which 36 in stock service. In the collection, Jacques Crêpe makes its debut, a fresh, crêpe effect cotton which fulfils the taste for high-end knitwear.

The linen blends Alber and Rudi, in exquisite fine and very fine yarns and in an extended range of colours, are ideal for sophisticated knitwear with delicate contrasts, textured looks and a natural hand.

The silky atmospheres and the new seasonal colours are the protagonists in the silk-based yarns blended with Bemberg™ Cupro, the regenerated cellulose fibre with RCS certification for lustrous, soft, caressing knitwear, which in Roy expresses the essence of a fibre in all its purity. Stephen is the sophisticated blend in Bemberg™ Cupro and silk, and Philippe is an exclusive blend in silk and Supima cotton, using extra-long, fine fibres.

Marchi & Fildi fashion yarns

The preferred selection of sustainable, certified yarns originating from circular economy processes is the leitmotif of the collection. The preview colours interpret this sensibility with a range of lush greens reminiscent of nature, as the colour of matcha tea.

ECOTEC® technology, using pre-and post-consumer waste to create yarns of superior quality, characterises Fusion, a blend in ECOTEC® cotton and polyacrylic fibres.

Cellulose and viscose fibres are also a very significant presence, and are naturally biodegradable at the end of the life-cycle of a garment. Using soft, caressing yarns which are trans-seasonal and lightweight, these are well demonstrated by Narnali, in cotton and LENZING™ Modal; and Vergaio, in 100% LENZING™ Lyocell A100.
Acapulco offers a delicately irregular texture which is pleasant on the skin and which derives from the natural properties of linen in combination with LENZING™ ECOVERO™ viscose and polyacrylic. The textured look is confirmed in Lima, a blend of linen and ECOTEC® cotton and polyacrylic fibres, with a rustic surface softened by the fineness of the yarn. Pop is a thicker yarn in ECOTEC® cotton and GRS-certified recycled polyester, ideal for airy knitwear with a stylishly irregular grain.

In a summer key, Street makes its debut, a blend in LENZING™ Lyocell Refibra™, polyacrylic and ECOTEC® recycled cotton denim with GRS certification. In addition to the feisty délavé look, it is available in a wide range of plains in summer fashion colours. Proposed in 2 thicknesses, it is a round, voluminous yarn to create a certain handmade effect for delicate textured knitwear with a light hand.

Our booth at Pitti Filati 94

The booth at Pitti Filati showcased garments created during the Micro/Macro project, which involved second-year students from the ITS TAM Technical School for Tailoring and Knitwear in Biella. They were tasked with interpreting two iconic yarns from the new collections.

Micro/Macro pose an exciting creative challenge: to design a micro-knit garment such as a crop top, an emblem of 90s aesthetics and its modern reinterpretation, using the two most tactile and “macro” yarns from the collection, Street and Zoran. The eight pieces resulting from this project highlight the vibrant colours of the collection preview in an energetic and optimistic sequence.

Now in its third edition with renewed content, the project allows students to engage in every stage of the garment-making process and the stylistic elements that lead to the creation of a piece of clothing. This is made possible through the guidance of Fausto Caletti, a designer collaborating with Marchi & Fildi and Filidea for collection development, and the teachers at ITS TAM.

Capi del progetto Micro/Macro presentati a Pitti Filati 94