Yarns for circular knitting

The Group produces yarns for circular knitting destined for all the principal uses in clothing, from fashion items to lingerie and technical clothing.

Our yarns, sold under the Marchi & Fildi, ECOTEC® and Filidea brands, meet the requirements of a segment of the market with a strong focus on price to quality ratio as well as the upper end of the range, standing out for their high level of performance and durability.

Our strong points include a focus on the environment at all stages in production, sustainable innovation and application of the principles of the circular economy.

Every collection includes yarns certified under the most widely adopted international environmental standards. We are always careful to select raw materials, preferring blends of natural and biodegradable fibres while also offering blends with artificial or synthetic fibres in response to requirements.

Yarn counts range from 1/15 to 1/120 nm, either untreated or dyed, with a wide range available in stock service.

Colour palettes include both timeless classics and fashion hues.

Marchi & Fildi

Marchi & Fildi’s yarn collections for circular knitting are known for their outstanding price to quality ratio and their focus on the production process and delivery times. Seasonal products include wool, Lenzing™ Ecovero™ and certified FSC viscose, and blends of other natural and artificial fibres, available in a range of yarn counts, ranging from approximately 1/20 to 1/50 nm.

Both classic hues and fashion colours are available in stock.


ECOTEC® offers the circular knitting market the added value of yarns made in Italy on the basis of the principles of the circular economy, reusing pre and post-consumer textile wastes. The resulting products meet the standards of the most important environmental and supply chain certifications.

These yarns are appropriate for the principal uses in circular knitting, in yarn counts of 1/15 to 1/50 nm and blends of natural and artificial fibres, such as recycled cotton, recycled polyester and acrylic, either pure or blended.

The vast range of yarns offered by our stock service guarantees top quality service, offering both classic colours and fashion hues.


Filidea yarns for circular knitting interpret the contemporary style of today’s top knitwear brands, with a focus on fit, performance and sustainability.

Filidea’s collections are developed with a strong focus on the traceable, certified origin of natural and biodegradable fibres, either pure or blended, such as organic cotton, silk, Bemberg™ Cupro, linen with European Flax certification, and certified RWS wool.

Innovative blends and fine to ultra-fine yarn counts, with undyed samples available in stock and, when requested, dyeing for specific sectors, respond to the needs of companies needing to purchase yarns for circular knitting.