Yarns for flat knitting

Our yarns for flat knitting are appreciated on the market for a number of key features: the selection of fibres, featuring blends privileging materials of natural origin such as cotton, silk, linen, Bemberg Cupro, and wool, and their high level of performance, the result of the vast range of available treatments and ongoing research conducted by our R&D department.

Our focus on the environment is another important advantage of our products. In addition to providing yarns certified according to the principal international textile certifications, such as GOTS and GRS, all our products are made in plants with a strong focus on environmental sustainability, using procedures that reduce our energy consumption. The circular economy is present in our range thanks to a preference of natural and biodegradable blends and the ECOTEC® process using pre- and post-consumer textiles wastes to create new yarns.

The yarns made by the Marchi & Fildi, ECOTEC® and Filidea brands meet the requirements of top-quality knitwear and mass-market brands alike, and are available in a wide range of yarn counts, from 3 to 18. Our colour palettes reflect the latest fashions as well as timeless classics, offering a great variety of colours in stock.

Constant technological renewal of our production lines allows us to minimise production time and offer customised products.

Our yarn collections for flat knitwear are presented in the most important trade fairs, such as Pitti Filati.

Marchi & Fildi

Marchi & Fildi’s collections for flat knitting include entry-level yarns developed with a strong focus on the supply chain. The company’s seasonal collections include yarns with medium yarn counts made from natural and artificial fibres, both pure and blended, for knitwear in classic-contemporary taste, and are produced to standards complying with the principal environmental certifications in the textiles industry.

Vast range available in stock, in both classic colours and fashion hues.


The ECOTEC® range for flat knitting includes entry-level yarns with a strong focus on sustainability and the circular economy. They are developed using ECOTEC® production technology which gives new life to pre- and post-consumer textiles wastes, saving on consumption of raw materials and energy.

ECOTEC® knitwear yarns have medium yarn counts, for iconic traditional knitwear made from natural and artificial fibres, both pure and blended. There is plenty of space for ennobled recycled materials such as cotton, wool and polyester, and GRS certified items.

A great variety of classic and fashion colours are available in stock service to respond to brands’ requirements.


Filidea yarns for flat knitting interpret the contemporary style of quality knitwear brands with a focus on fit, performance and sustainability.

Filidea’s collections are developed with a strong focus on use of traceable, certified natural and biodegradable fibres, pure or blended, such as GOTS cotton, silk, Bemberg™ Cupro, linen and RWS wool.

All products are dyed in our ultra-modern energy-saving dyeing plant in Italy.

Fine or ultra-fine yarn counts represent refined, contemporary Italian taste, with a special focus on classic and trendy colours and performance, to guarantee the durability of the resulting garments.

Filidea yarns are available in stock, for sampling.