Our furnishing yarns

Our range includes yarns intended primarily for weaving, with a composition, yarn count and performance meeting the needs of the furnishings industry.

Our vast range of proposals for furnishings includes all the principal applications: upholstery, carpets, curtains, surface coverings, decorating textiles and accessories for indoor and outdoor use in homes, workspaces and hotels.

Our experience producing flame-retardant yarns, developed by our brand Filidea Technical Yarns, responds to the standards required by many categories of textile products for furnishings.

As in all our lines, our yarns for furnishings are made with a special focus on performance, maximising products’ durability and resistance to wear, and good practices of circular production and sustainable innovation.

The Marchi & Fildi, ECOTEC® and Filidea collections of yarns for furnishings are made primarily out of fibres of natural origin, such as cotton, linen, wool and viscose, pure or blended, which are biodegradable at the end of their useful lifespan. Yarns certified under the principal international environmental certifications are available.

Our catalogue of yarns for furnishings includes both undyed and dyed yarns.