Our yarns for weaving

The Marchi & Fildi, Filidea and ECOTEC® brands produce yarns for weaving medium to high-end apparel.

They can be used as either warp or weft, with their personality interpreting the Group’s key values: sustainable innovation, the circular economy, and top performance, combined with a focus on the origin and traceability of fibres.

Our yarn collections for weaving include a large number of yarns certified under the world’s most widely used environmental certification standards.

Yarn counts range from approximately 1/ 5 to 1/120 nm, both single ply and twisted, undyed or dyed, with a range available in stock and plenty of opportunities for customisation.

Marchi & Fildi

Entry-level yarns for classic and trendy fashions, with a guaranteed supply chain and a vast range of classic colours and fashion hues available in stock.

Predominant fibres include wool blends with artificial fibres, such as LENZING Ecovero viscose, also available with FSC certification. Vast range of yarn counts, from 1/20 to 1/50 nm.


ECOTEC® yarns for weaving may be used as either warp or weft and offer all the added value of Italian manufacture with a strong focus on sustainability, traceability and the circular economy.

The vast range of fine and ultra-fine yarn counts, from 1/5 to 1/50 nm, available in natural, artificial and recycled fibres, pure or blended, includes numerous certified yarns and offers plenty of potential for development of fabrics to meet all requirements.

A vast selection of classic colours and fashion hues is available in stock to meet brands’ requirements.


Filidea yarns for weaving are intended for the principal fashion and clothing applications and developed with a strong focus on performance, guaranteeing the durability of the resulting garments. They are dyed in our energy-saving dyeing plant in Italy.

We take great care with the choice of fibres in our collections of yarns for weaving, with a preference for natural, biodegradable, pure or blended fibres, traced and certified, such as cottons, silks, wools, linens and Bemberg™ Cupro.

A variety of untreated yarns are available in stock, as well as a number of products on a sampling basis.