Collezioni Marchi & Fildi e Filidea SS24 per maglieria

Pitti Filati 92 – Flat knitting collections for Spring/Summer 2024

Focus on innovation with natural, sustainable and certified yarns

The new flat knitting yarns collections of Marchi & Fildi and Filidea find a strong interpretative freshness in the garments created by the students of the ITS TAM in Biella.

The exhibition area at Pitti Filati hosts the polo shirts produced by 2nd-year students of the course for Higher Technician for Knitting and Confection at the ITS TAM (Higher Institute for Textiles, Clothing and Fashion) in Biella, that used the yarns of the SS24 Marchi & Fildi and Filidea collections, in the colours of the overview cards.
The project, now at its second edition, offers the participants the possibility to face with all the executive steps and style elements that usually lead to the production of a garment, thanks to the supervision of Mr. Fausto Caletti, the stylist that cooperates with Marchi & Fildi and Filidea in their collection developments, and the professors of the ITS TAM.

Filidea fashion yarns

The new Filidea SS 2024 collection improves its offer in the medium-high sector for knitwear yarns. Its brand identity is defined by some essential elements: the choice for natural and certified fibers and biodegradable blends, the attention to the performance of the yarns together with the sensibility of the fashion world and the environmental sustainability of the whole supply chain.

The cotton blends are central for the collection, mostly GOTS certified, together with European Flax linen and silk. The fiber Bemberg™ Cupro, the RCS-certified regenerated cellulose, keeps its relevant presence in this collection; Filidea, with its visionary and successfully intuition, has chosen this fiber for the development of yarns for knitting, both in pure and in blend, with very sparkling, soft and comfortable final results.

The shades are brilliant, evoking the summer mood, with a prevalence of bright and strong pastel colours, tempting like macarons.

Fine and extra-fine counts are dominating, ideal for the knitwear that takes its style from sophistication and formal simplicity. The exception is Zoran, a cotton tape which represents the perfect solution for creative structures.
Pure cottons are proposed both in matte and mercerized version. Jacques, a compact cotton with a soft, caressing hand in two counts, fine and extra-fine, is characterised by an opaque look to transmit a stylishly natural atmosphere.
The yarns are inspiring to a knitwear characterized by materical aspects, delicate contrasts and a feeling of refined simplicity. Alber and Rudy are summer blends of cotton and linen in fine counts, with natural and light hand; together with the pure linen yarn Virgil create uneven textures, with the slight irregularities typical of linen.
Next to the preciousness of pure silk Mulberry Topgrade of the yarn Koji, we find the blend of silk and cotton Philippe. In addition to Roy, a yarn in 100% Bemberg™ Cupro, several qualities allow to discover the extraordinary qualities of this fiber: the cotton blend Kim, the Bemberg™ Cupro and Silk Stephen, and Paul, a refined blend of Bemberg™ Cupro, linen and silk.

Marchi & Fildi fashion yarns

The orientation towards yarns that are sustainable, certified and produced using circular economy processes keeps a strong importance in the collection.

The ECOTEC® technology, which uses pre- and post-consumer textile waste to create yarns of superior quality characterises several proposals in the collection. The best sellers of combed cotton Nilo and Victoria are an example, as well as Phoenix, a blend of recycled cotton and polyester with GRS certification.

Transeasonal qualities are assuming a growing central importance, focusing on light weights and soft and caressing hand. Narnali, cotton with LENZING™ Modal, and Vergaio, 100% LENZING™ Lyocell A100, enhance the features of viscose to create garments using fine counts, perfect for carry over looks.
The DNA of the brand is represented by versatile yarns in pure cotton or cotton-blends with GRS certification, like Fusion.

To catch the essence of the summer knitwear, linen is the ideal fiber, thanks to its material are irregular features. Used in blend with viscose or cotton, it gives life to several structures slighlty rough and with delicate nuances, like for Lima (ECOTEC® cotton, linen and acrylic fibres) and Acapulco (LENZING™ ECOVERO™ Viscose, linen and acrylic fibres) with a delicate delavé aspect.

Fantasy in the structures and the tridimensionality represent the leit-motiv of the quality Lambada, fine nappy yarn in ECOTEC® cotton with acrylic fibers, and Pop Special, a GRS certified yarn in ECOTEC® cotton and recycled polyester, with a slightly irregular texture.
The colour palette presents tones of white and natural shades, inspiring to plaster, marble and kaolin, main characters of greek and roman classicism and revised to propose a timeless sense of harmony.