52th Filo: Circular knitting and weaving collection SS 2021

Marchi & Fildi and Filidea are presenting their new weaving and circular knitting collection, that are following the focus on sustainability, main theme of the 52th Edition of Filo Exhibition.
The continuous innovation in process together with the aim of an increasing sustainable commitment has been for many years one of the most important value for the Group Marchi & Fildi. The symbol of this pillar is ECOTEC®, the exclusive production process that meets the increasing interest for circular economy together with the search for sustainabile raw materials and production process.

Marchi & Fildi collection, upcycling and shiny viscose blends

Marchi & Fildi presents in this collection some viscose blends, with the certification FSC. Versatile, lighteweight and soft in contact with skin, the viscose is an important creative element. The quality symbol of this features is PALATIO, suitable both for circular knitting and weaving. This yarn is declined in 100% viscose, for contemporary fabrics with a soft touch and also in “shiny” version for a more fashion allure thanks to the presence of a metallic fiber in colour gold, silver or iridescent.
Among the wide ecofriendly proposal, we find the quality PHOENIX, produced with the ECOTEC®, technology. Its composition is 50% ECOTEC® cotton and 50% ECOTEC® polyester, 100% GRS certified. As for all the yarns of the ECOTEC® range, Marchi & Fildi uses cotton clippings coming from knitters or weavers that are up-cycled into new yarns with a lower environmental impact: up to 56,6% evergy saving, -56,3% of gas emissions and till 78% water saving.
A wide stock service range is a distinctive feature of this collection.

Filidea collection: the importance of linen end of Tencel together for sustainability and research

The focus of this SS season reflects the experience of Filidea in the spinning of linen using the cotton process. Filidea uses european linen, in blend with natural and man-made fiber, with a high attention for the environment. The quality COLINO (70% cotton – 30% linen) is the main symbol of this spring/summer collection. The higher percentage of cotton in comparison with the percentage of linen ensure both comfort and transpiration, with the freshness of linen. The spinning process matches both the attention towards the environment with the attention at every steps, in order to get the maximum result from this blend. COLINO is in stock service in raw white and in five colours mass dyed.
EXPRESS (70% linen – 30% cotton) reverses the composition of the previous quality, to get the freshness and the irregularity typical of linen, matched with the comfort of cotton. This quality has unique technical features, that are directly connected to the spinning of a high percentage of linen with the cotton process.
TENCOLINO (50% Tencel™ LF – 50% Linen) is an interesting blend, suitable blth for circular knitting and for weaving. The natural and irregular feeling of linen, of european origin, finds a balance with the brightness and silky touch of Tencel™ LF by Lenzing. This is a man-made fiber that comes from the pulp of eucalyptus, a tree that doesn’t need neither watering nor pesticides. Tencel™ is 100% biodegradable and renewable, its production process has a low energy consumption and it represents the symbol of the eco-friendly innovation. The quality TENCOLINO is in stock service in raw white and it can be cone dyed in the internal dyeing mill of the Marchi & Fildi group.

About Marchi & Fildi

Marchi & Fildi SpA was founded in 2007, merging two influential Italian spinning mills: Filatura Marchi and Fildi, run from the entrepreneur families Marchi e Dissegna.
In 2008 Marchi & Fildi SpA and Abalıoğlu Holding A.Ş., belonging to the Turkish CSA Holding, established Filidea, a dynamic company that soon became an international leader in the field of technological and performing yarns in blends with natural and man-made fibre, raw white and dyed.
The group is focused on the production of worsted and carded yarns, home-textile, hosiery, weaving and circular knitting with ringspun, corespun, sirospun, worsted and open-end technologies. The technical yarns cover the major application fields: protective-wear, work-wear, home-texile, automotive, filtration, fashion and taylor made products, trading and dyeing.
Marchi & Fildi is an international company with an annual turnover of over 65 million euros and an average annual growth rate of 9%.