Knitting Collection 2020-2021 85° Pitti Filati

For the Group Marchi & Fildi taking part again at Pitti Filati is the occasion to show the new identity of the collections and to share the goals in the field of sustainable innovation.

Thanks to its avant-garde spirit on the trend of sustainability, the Company has been focusing on the circular Economy for many years. The Research & Development area has a central role, together with the choice of natural raw materials and of sustainable production processes. These are the most important features for the fashion brands: a wide range of eco-friendly yarns, that meet the increasing interest for the environment by the customers.


Filidea FW 2020-2021 collection
Natural fibers and ecofriendly dyeing mill


The new FW 2020-2021 flat knitting collection presents super fine counts and light weights. It is mainly developped for transeasonal garments, with essential elegance and international appeal.

Following the main values of the group, Filidea enhances natural raw materials in high value blend: cotton, merino extrafine, silk, cashmere. Fine blends of viscose with cashmere and silk, sparkling with light and soft touch.

The style of Filidea is mainly represented by basic yarns that match elegance and functionality with a nowadays trend. The icon of this feature is the quality ZEN, a new yarn with composition 60% merino extrafine wool, 40% Tencel™. This yarn does not make pilling and has superwash and tumble dye features. The Tencel™ gives the yarn brilliance and pleasure in contact with skin; it is a natural fiber extracted from the cellulose of eucaliptus trees, it is biodegradable and its production process is eco-friendly.  

The collection presents cotton based blends for an on going collection: the quality WOOLCOT 2/30, 2/40 (85% cotton, 15% merino extrafine wool), available also multi-ply twisted, ANTIGELO 3/50 (60% cotton, 40& merino wool), the sophisticated CLEOPATRA (a cotton/cashmere blend) and LILY (cotton/silk).

The innovation in process is the basis of Filidea collection. The dyeing mill, located in Magnonevolo nearby Biella, has a reduced environmental impact. Is was totally refurbished in 2018 with particular attention to high environmental standards and it is available also for third-party requests. At the moment the LCA (Life Cycle Assesment) is ongoing, with the aim to evaluate the effective economy of water of the dyeing process (till 55% for each kg of dyed yarn, according to the first analysis).


Marchi & Fildi FW 2020-2021 collection
The focus on the upcycling through the exclusive Ecotec® process


Thanks to the Ecotec® yarns, the collection meets the growing sensibility to the circular economy and the environmental sustainability of raw materials and production process. 

Ecotec® is the representation of the upcycled textile system: it uses pre and post consumer raw materials treated with eco-friendly process, in blend with virgin fibers. Ecotec® is an exclusive production process by Marchi & Fildi that transforms production clippings coming from weaving and knitting companies into new yarns with huge savings in the impact on the environment: up to 56,3% on greenhouse effect, 56,6% in energy savings and 77,9% in water consumption throughout the complete process.

The icon of the concept Ecotec® is NEBULA, with 60% of upcycled post-consumer raw material (30% acrylic and 30% wool). A winter quality, with functional, comfortable and refined features matched with high thermal properties.

The collection is rich in basic yarns, with high quality standard that matches the needs of fast fashion. The wide stock service availability completes the collection.

Mulesing free wool, sustanable BCI cotton, the GRS and OEKO-TEX certifications are available among all the yarns.