Filidea Technical Yarns at Techtextil 2022

Filidea Technical Yarns moving towards new products and markets under the banner of sustainable evolution, with the added value of MagnoLab, the network of enterprises for the development of innovative textile solutions

Filidea Technical Yarns, the Filidea section specialized in the development and production of technological, performant yarns in blends of natural and man-made fibres, presents at Techtextil the projects on which its R&D department has been working for the last three years.

Filidea is a European company with a strong vocation regarding innovation, involving a highly-specialised team at its R&D department in Biella, Italy. It is active in five main applications of technical yarns: workwear, protective wear, automotive, industrial sewing threads and yarns with safety standards for the contract furnishing sector.

New yarns for the contract furnishing world, for industrial sewing threads and the challenge of biodegradable polyester

At the product level, big impulse has been given to the range of industrial sewing threads for various uses, with new references both in the polyester + polyester compositions as well as in cotton + polyester. The industrial threads, marketed as raw material, allow the company to consolidate its position on some strategic markets, such as in Germany.

As a result of the partnership with Trevira® for the spinning of the flame-retardant Trevira®CS fibre, Filidea Technical Yarns reinforces its offer of non-dyed performant yarns aimed at the world of contract furnishings. The sector of hospitality, of furnishings for public and work spaces, fairs and areas for social-cultural gatherings will find a comprehensive answer to its demands in the Trevira®CS-based yarns: with regard to fireproof standards, versatility, resistance to wear and tear, excellent colour rendering, and last but not least, the component of fibre sustainability, an essential value for the design of spaces for collective use.

Sustainable innovation in terms of the product and the process has always been one of the founding pillars of Filidea Technical Yarns. In reply to the demands, also in the field of technical textiles, to reduce the impact that non-biodegradable textiles have at the end of their life-cycle, the company is now at an advanced stage of the journey towards the development of biodegradable polyester. This important project is in partnership with CiCLO, the company which has fine-tuned the additive able to make polyester and nylon fibres similar to natural fibres during biodegradation.

Sustainable innovation: traceable blockchains and the MagnoLab network of enterprises

Continuing in the development of sustainable production across the sector, the company has undertaken two important initiatives with other actors in the textile supply chain.

Filidea participates in Trick, the European blockchain project – part of the European Horizon 2020 programme – involving 29 partners from six different nations to reinforce the circular economy thanks to the development of a digital platform which is complete, traceable and available to operators in the textile sector.

More specifically, as a result of its decades-long know-how in the production of yarns, Filidea contributes to increasing knowledge of the supply chain and the circular economy.

MagnoLab, the network of enterprises in the textile supply chain, and of which Filidea is one of the founding members, gives the ultimate impulse to constant R&D activities. MagnoLab was established in 2022 in order to develop tangible solutions for the sector, to create values and to collaborate with regard to current and future demands.

MagnoLab brings together textile companies which are active at various stages of and with complementary roles in the supply chain, and which work in synergy and share objectives, resourcefulness and long-sightedness, with the aim of developing innovation in a structured way. MagnoLab is also open to welcome new partners.

One of its strong points is the availability of a physical network of pilot facilities, installed in a unique plant in Cerrione (Biella), where it is possible to develop innovative products and processes using rapid, lean test cycles.

This unique situation allows companies to concentrate prototyping activities to present to future customers and to experiment with solutions in terms of product and process to then transfer directly to the plants of the partners, and proceed to production at scale.

MagnoLab is also a representation of the main links in the textile supply chain, from preparation of the fibres for spinning, to weaving, dyeing and finishing. The various steps in a single structure generate unique high added value and cross-fertilisation context.

The aim of building relationships with educational institutes in the textile and fashion sectors both in Italy and abroad creates an additional stimulating environment where teaching, research and development, and innovation are merged.