Pitti Filati 91 – Knitting Yarn Collection Autumn/Winter 2023-24

Marchi & Fildi and Filidea present their Knitting Collection for Autumn/Winter 2023-2024

Filidea fashion yarns

The Filidea A/W 2023-24 collection is developed according to a mood coherent with the brand’s values. The interpretation of the medium-high segment of the knitwear yarns is carried out with contemporary, elegant discrimination, always paying attention to introducing new structural elements, colours, thicknesses and compositions.

The preference for natural and biodegradable fibre and the proposal of precious blends is united with the sensibility for the performance of the yarns and environmental protection concerns during the production process.

Once again, such exquisite pure yarns as Koji, in 100% top-grade Mulberry silk, are included; as well as Geoffrey, in 100% extra-fine chlorine-free Merino; and blends of noble fibres such as Oleg, a blend of Bemberg™ Cupro and cashmere; and Cleopatra and Selene, both of these being blends of organic cotton and cashmere.
With their fine and extra-fine weights, they are the confirmation of sophisticated, clean-line knitwear.

Best-selling products like Woolcot, a blend of organic cotton and fine, no-mulesing Merino wool, are trying out different ways of expressing themselves using new plain and mélange colours.

The seasonal blends in wool and cotton have two new protagonists, both with a composition of 55% wool and 45% cotton. Hedi (Nm 3750) and Oliver (Nm 2/30 and Nm 4/30) are characterised by a round, textured, fluffy structure, for sculptural knitwear valorising the individual stitches. Together, they cover the entire range of knitwear yarns and are developed in 36 plains and 25 mélange colours, with stock service for samples.

Overall, greens dominate the collection, reaching from saturated, musky greens to camouflage, from greens inspired by nature to the greens used in aviation.
Every card includes the number of stitches for every article.

Stand Pitti Filati 91

Marchi & Fildi fashion yarns

The transition of the collection towards sustainable, certified yarns created using circular economy processes continues.

ECOTEC® technology, which uses pre- and post-consumer waste materials to give life to high-quality yarns, characterises numerous GRS-certified proposals specifically for the winter season: the versatile multi-fibre blend Matisse, using 20% GRS cotton; the GRS wool blend Nebula, a linear yarn with wool and recycled acrylic; and the tweed-effect GRS yarn Banksy, a mixture of certified New Zealand wool and ECOTEC® cotton.

The cross-season part of the collection offers 2 new items based on light stretch viscose: Narnali, an ultra-soft blend in 50% cotton and 50% LENZING™ Modal; and Vergaio, in pure LENZING™ Lyocell A100 Tencel™, the biodegradable eucalyptus fibre. Both are ideal for garments with a super-soft, caressing hand transmitting an extremely modern feeling.

As an alternative to the classic black, these proposals are also available in a variety of deep, midnight blues with lively, uneven dots and splashes of turquoise.

Gleaming, metalloplastic yarns for knitting, now also with GRS certification

The metalloplastic yarns of the Gleaming collection have a very important role for the creation of the knitted stitches of the FW 2023/24 yarns collection for flat knitting.

The Gleaming line, with a wide selection of yarns in stock service, represents a completion of the offer of the Marchi & Fildi Group. The Gleaming yarns are offered in different thicknesses, widths and types with both metallized and transparent, iridescent, refracting and phosphorescent effects, for fashion and fantasy knitted garments, accessories and decorations.

Following the Group’s values towards a more and more sustainable offer, the Gleaming collection makes its debut with an important innovation: the lamé yarns in 100% recycled polyester coming from post consumer material and with the GRS (Global Recycle Standard) certification.
Starting from recycled polyester with traceable origin, in compliance with environmental and social criteria extended to all the phases of the supply chain, metalloplastic yarns are obtained with the same esthetic features and performance, compared to similar products based on virgin raw materials.

The R&D innovative steps that have been conducted recently in this field allowed the development and production of metalloplastic yarns using 100% recycled material also for flat yarns with a quality level suitable for cutting. This represents an important step forward to implement a circular economy possibility for this kind of products; tilll now the market has been offering only metallic yarns with polyester film that was not recycled, twisted with certificate fibers.