Saifur Rehman responsabile acquisti in Marchi & Gilfi Group

Interview with Saifur Rehman, Purchase Manager

The buying process, in a company like ours, that is strongly focused on sustainability and with several product and process certifications, has some specific points.
We talk about this topic with Saifur Rehman, purchase manager of the Marchi & Fildi Group

Good morning Saifur, would you tell us about your professional experience, that from Pakistan led you to Biella?

As a native of Pakistan, I obtained my Bachelor’s degree in Textile Engineering from Karachi University, which marked the beginning of my career in the textile industry within my home country. Working in a research and development department provided me with a valuable opportunity to develop expertise in the production of fabrics. Seeking to broaden my knowledge and experience, I decided to move to Italy, where I earned a Master’s degree in Textile Engineering from the Politecnico of Turin in 2013. Following my graduation, I commenced my professional journey at the Marchi & Fildi Group, having been attracted to the company’s unwavering focus on sustainability and product quality.

What kind of features are needed for your job? In addition to your technical education, you experienced several aspects of the production, of the planning and of the quality management. How this wole knowledge helps you?

In my role, a multitude of technical skills are necessary, alongside a comprehensive understanding of the Company’s requirements. My proficiency in production planning and quality control processes allows me to effectively evaluate suppliers and make strategic decisions when procuring materials and services. Moreover, my holistic perspective on the Company’s needs enables me to identify the most suitable suppliers, which contributes to making informed and effective purchasing decisions.

Our Group has always been focused on sustainability. What kind of importance the ESG (Environmental, Social e Governance) topics have on the supply chain? Do our suppliers pay more and more attention in this regard?

The relevance of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) matters is increasing rapidly, not just for companies, but for the entire supply chain, including end consumers. Given the heightened concern for their impact on the environment and society, companies are striving to make sustainable choices by partnering with suppliers that share their values. Our suppliers are cognizant of these ESG issues and are actively working towards improving their ESG performance, reflecting their commitment to social and environmental sustainability.

Which are the criteria for the purchase strategy in a group like ours, that is oriented to a sustainable production process and following the standard of the main process and product certifications? Do certifications influence somehow (both in positive and negative) the purchase process?

At our Group, the principles of sustainability and compliance with certification standards are integral to our procurement selection process. While these factors are crucial in determining our suppliers, these are not the only considerations. We prioritize working with suppliers that share our values, offering top-notch, certified and sustainable products and services, while also ensuring the continuity of supplies, effective supply chain risk management, and competitive pricing. These multifaceted criteria enable us to maintain the highest standards in our procurement practices.